WandaVision Star Kat Dennings Reveals Crazy Casting Story About Thor Audition

The secrecy surrounding Marvel Studios projects is pretty infamous at this point, especially when it comes to the bizarre sitcom mashup WandaVision currently airing on Disney+. But actress Kat Dennings, who will return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time since Thor: The Dark World, is very aware of the commitment to maintaining big surprises in the films and now TV shows. Even from the moment she first audition for the role of Darcy Lewis on Thor, she became aware of the bizarre tactics Marvel uses to maintain that secrecy.

Lewis recently appeared on Crooked's podcast Keep It where she spoke about WandaVision. During that conversation, she compared Marvel's work on the new series with her time filming Thor.

“It was as intense, but it had shifted in the way that- When I did Thor, I didn't really- It was so secret that I didn't know what I was auditioning for," Dennings explained. “I have no idea what's going on. I don't know what the movie is, all I know is that it's a superhero movie and I'm like 'Am I a superhero?' What do I wear, like, leggings? What do I do? So, I was like, I'll toe the line. I'll try and look a little cute, but I don't know who I'm playing cause you get fake sides.”

Dennings explained that Marvel made her go to a fake address for her audition. Yes, seriously.

“Fake sides, character didn't exist, signed a thing at this address, I looked around, and I was like 'There's no one at this address' and then someone came over in a golf cart, and he was like 'I'm here to take you to the real place' and I was like 'What?'” Dennings joked that this turned out almost like being kidnapped.

“Right? Well, 100% like abduction, but it was like a different place entirely, it was so, so crazy.”

Marvel had to bust out some new tricks for WandaVision, which filmed some scenes with a live-studio audience to maintain the vibe of sitcoms. Those audience members were reportedly family members of the cast and crew in an effort to preserve the secrets of the series.


Much like Lucasfilm and Star Wars, Marvel has gone to great lengths to make sure audiences are surprised. Hopefully they plan something big as the first season of WandaVision continues to air new episodes on Fridays on Disney+.

[h/t TheDirect]