We Can Be Heroes Star Pedro Pascal Reacts to Sequel Announcement

We Can Be Heroes hit Netflix last month and was clearly a hit with families. In fact, a report from The Hollywood Reporter claimed 44 million households viewed the movie in its first couple of weeks on the streaming service. Due to the movie's success, it was announced this week that director Robert Rodriguez is in development with Netflix for a sequel. Many people were excited to hear the news, especially Pedro Pascal. The actor known for Star Wars: The Mandalorian and Wonder Woman 1984 played Marcus Moreno in We Can Be Heroes, one of the superpowered parents who get kidnapped by aliens and must be rescued by their children.

"44 MILLION FAMILIES will have suited up for WE CAN BE HEROES in its first 4 weeks!! And… BREAKING NEWS: The Heroics are coming back for round two! I'm in full development of the sequel with @Netflix," Robert Rodriguez tweeted. "Cuz you're a BOSS!," Pascal replied. You can view the tweet interaction below:

We Can Be Heroes was not the only recent collaboration between Pascal and Rodriguez. The director also helmed an episode of The Mandalorian's second season. Last month, Rodriguez was revealed as one of the producers of the upcoming The Book of Boba Fett.

ComicBook.com recently talked to Rodriguez about getting to direct Boba Fett on The Mandalorian.

"Boba was my favorite, so I was really excited I got to do that and just do him," Rodriguez shared. "I want to give him a showcase because I was 12 when Empire Strikes Back came out and they were talking Boba Fett before the movie came out. The marketing was really pushing him, so you really thought he was gonna have a huge role in it, so I really wanted to satisfy that need for more Boba in this."

In addition to Pascal, We Can Be Heroes features Christian Slater and Boyd Holdbrook as some of Earth's biggest heroes. The movie also features Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Christopher McDonald, Adriana Barraza, Vivien Blair, Isaiah Russell-Bailey, Akira Akbar, Lyon Daniels, Nathan Blair, Lotus Blossom, Hala Finley, Andy Walken, Dylan Henry Lau, Andrew Diaz, Taylor Dooley, Sung Kang, Haley Reinhart, J. Quinton Johnson, Brittany Perry-Russell, Brently Heilbron, and JJ Dashnaw.

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We Can Be Heroes is now streaming on Netflix.