Wonder Woman 1984 Release Decision Reportedly Coming Soon

Warner Bros. and DC's highly-anticipated superhero sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, is still technically slated to hit theaters on Christmas Day this year, but just about everyone has accepted the fact that there's a good chance that could chance in the coming weeks. COVID-19 is surging once again in the United States and Europe, causing theaters in France, Germany, and parts of California to shut down once again. All throughout the states, Regal theaters remain closed after the September reopening didn't go as planned. For a movie that was expected to haul in around $1 billion at the box office, it's hard to see Wonder Woman 1984 getting a normal release on December 25th.

So what happens next? A report on Thursday claimed that Warner Bros. was considering releasing Wonder Woman 1984 in whatever theaters are open on Christmas, then sending the film to the HBO Max streaming service just two weeks later. Now, Deadline is reporting that something similar could be in the works, and that an official decision my Warner Bros. will be made in the coming weeks.

According to Deadline, Warner Bros. has a couple of options for Wonder Woman 1984. The studio could just move the release to next summer, where it would join The Suicide Squad and a horde of other major blockbusters. Another route being discussed by executives is to simply release Wonder Woman 1984 in theaters AND on HBO Max simultaneously.

This second release plan is obviously the most intriguing, as it provides the earliest scenario in which audiences could experience the new Wonder Woman sequel. Yes, it would certainly mean that almost no money would be made at the box office, but it could also provide an enormous boost for HBO Max, which still doesn't have a major tentpole release that can stand up to certain offerings from Netflix, Amazon, and Disney+. Wonder Woman 1984 would drive people to the streaming service, which remains a major part of the studio's future plans.


For now, we just don't know what's going to happen with Wonder Woman 1984, but it appears as though that conflict will be resolved soon. Hopefully we'll have answers in the coming weeks.

Would you like to see Wonder Woman 1984 released on HBO Max? Would you rather wait until next year and see it in a theater? Let us know in the comments!