DC Announces 'Dark Knight Returns' Prequel by Miller, Azzarello and Romita Jr.

DC announced a new one-shot comic set in the world of Frank Miller's Dark Knight trilogy today at New York. During DC's "Heroes to the Core" panel at NYCC, DC co-publisher Dan DiDio announced a one-shot prequel to Miller's original The Dark Knight Returns. The comic will be co-written by Miller and Brian Azzarello (who are also co-writing the upcoming Dark Knight III: The Master Race miniseries) and illustrated by famed comics artist John Romita Jr.

The Dark Knight Returns prequel will be 48 pages long and will be released in February, when Dark Knight III: The Master Race takes a one month hiatus. DC is releasing the one-shot to commemorate the 30th anniversary of The Dark Knight Returns, which was released in 2016. DiDio hinted that further details about the comic would be announced later at NYCC. The full "Heroes to the Core" panel can be viewed here.

DC has made several other Dark Knight related announcements at NYCC. The publisher released preview pages for Dark Knight III earlier today and also released several variant covers for the upcoming series.


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