Loki Ongoing Series Announced at New York Comic Con


Loki may not have his own big screen outing just yet--in spite of the best efforts of Tom Hiddleston's legions of fans--but he will soon have his own, ongoing monthly comic book.

Loki: Agent of Asgard will launch in early 2014 from the creative team of Al Ewing and Lee Garbett.

Grown from his current, teenaged status in Young Avengers and enlisted to protect Asgard and the royal family, Loki is hardly a traditional hero, but for now there's a motivation keeping him on the straight and narrow.

"There are things he wants from the All-Mother, and things the All-Mother wants from him, and they have a mutual arrangement," Ewing said. "Essentially, as Kid Loki hinted, Loki’s fresh start is by no means a done deal; it’d be very easy for him to slip back into his old self, the super villain trapped in endlessly recurring defeats, which would be worse than death for him. The All-Mother has a way to help Loki avoid that terrible fate, but there’s some quid pro quo involved."


"You can always bet Loki's working some angle and seeing things steps ahead," Garbett added. "He's a long game player and his lack of allegiance to anyone but himself always keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat. You're waiting for the hammer to fall—no pun intended—and that's what makes him such an exciting character."

The series was among a number of new titles announced at the convention by Marvel, including new titles for Black Widow and X-Factor, and a number of new Avengers books.