Pokemon Go Is Losing Daily Users

, fans of the game shouldn't be too concerned. SurveyMonkey reports the game still has over 20 [...]

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(Photo: SurveyMonkey)

Pokemon Go might be the most popular game in the world, but it might be struggling to retain users. A recent report by SurveyMonkey estimated that the game's user base peaked at just over 25 million users in the United States on July 14th and has been on the decline ever since. SurveyMonkey also noted that the game was downloaded the most on July 7th, the first day of the game's release, which bucks conventional mobile gaming trends. Typically, games take months or even years to reach their daily-download peak.

There are a few reasons Pokemon Go might be having problems keeping players engaged. There were the early server issues that plagued the game for several weeks, often during peak hours when players were most likely to play. Many Pokemon Go players have also complained that the game gets progressively harder as they level up, which may turn off the casual players who aren't willing to spend hours trying to get from Level 15 to Level 16. Niantic also admitted that Pokemon Go only has about 10% of its planned features currently in the game, which may be why some players are feeling burned out due to the limited gameplay options.

Although Pokemon Go might have peaked (at least in the US), fans of the game shouldn't be too concerned. SurveyMonkey reports the game still has over 20 million active users in the US alone, with millions more in countries like Canada, Japan and Great Britain. When Niantic Labs finishes its worldwide release, the company plans to start adding additional features like trading and training, which may help to keep players engaged. Pokemon Go continues to sit at the top of both the Google Play and Apple App Store charts, a sign that the game isn't ready to be a fad just yet.