Stephen Amell Threatens To Break Stardust's Face Again If Slammy Is Not Returned

(Photo: WWE/Jim Viscardi)

Stephen Amell's feud with the WWE Superstar Stardust continues. The Arrow star had harsh words for the WWE wrestler on Twitter yesterday after Stardust stole Amell's Slammy Award during this week's Monday Night Raw.

Amell won the Slammy for "Best Celebrity Moment" for months long feud with Stardust, which culminated in a tag team match at Summerslam. At the heart of the feud was Stardust (whose wrestling persona is that of a comic book supervillain) treating Amell as if he were actually his television alter ego Green Arrow. Amell won the match with the help of fellow WWE Superstar Neville (who won his own Slammy for Breakout Star of the Year). While Amell emerged the victor of that match, he and Stardust have continued to trade occasional barbs on Twitter and it appears the two will come to blows again.

If Amell and Stardust do wrestle once again, it's likely the match will be part of WWE's upcoming Wrestlemania event, which will take place in April at Dallas's AT&T Stadium. The WWE is expecting a record-setting attendance for its biggest event of the year and the feud would make for an exciting addition to the event's card. If another Amell/Stardust is in the cards, expect Amell to make another appearance on Monday Night Raw sometime in the near future.