Divatox Reveals What Happened To Her After 'Power Rangers In Space'

There are few Power Rangers villains more memorable than Divatox, and actress Hilary Shepard has some amazing thoughts on where the character is today.

Divatox was the main villain in the Power Rangers Turbo movie as well as the following Power Rangers Turbo series. While two actresses played the role during that time, Shepard is most often associated with the character thanks to her delightfully fun and evil performance, and she reprised the role once more in Power Rangers In Space.

During a recent appearance at Raleigh Supercon, Shepard shared the stage with Yellow Ranger actor Nakia Burrise, where both were asked what their characters did after the shows ended. Shepard definitely had some thoughts on the matter, and it will probably delight longtime fans.

"I think I would've twirled my way back to being really evil because I would've hated being good and it would've lasted like a day," Shepard said.

For those unfamiliar, Shepard is referring to the Power Rangers In Space episode "Countdown to Destruction", which acted as the series finale. Zordon had been captured by the combined forces of the United Alliance of Evil and was being drained of power. Eventually, the Red Ranger manages to find him, but Zordon instructs him to destroy his containment tube.

The Red Ranger obliges, unleashing a pure wave of energy that spreads across the cosmos. It purifies everything it touches, which results in the destruction of most of the Alliance's monsters and soldiers. For a select few though it reverts them to their original human forms, and that includes names like Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, and Divatox.

Divatox can be seen in a white dress, celebrating her newfound "goodness," but Shepard makes a convincing argument that her "purification" might not last all that long. Who knows, maybe the villain will make a return when you least expect it. Crazier things have happened in the Power Rangers universe.

Shepard also revealed a new career path for Divatox, which elicited laughs from the audience in attendance.

"Then I would have been on the Housewives of Angel Grove, which I think would be a really great spinoff, and I think we should tell Saban to do it," Shepard said.