Hasbro Reveals Power Rangers San Diego Comic-Con Panel

San Diego Comic-Con is shaping up to be something special for Power Rangers fans, and it will feature a big showing from Hasbro, including a dedicated Power Rangers Panel. The panel will be titled the Power Rangers Power Hour and will take place on Thursday, July 18th. The panel will run from 4 pm to 5 pm, and will feature sneak peeks at some of the upcoming figures in their Power Rangers Lightning Collection as well as possibly a sneak peek at Beast Morphers if that "entertainment" phrase is anything to go by, and the timing of SDCC puts it in the perfect spot before the expected August return of the show.

Fans can also talk directly to the team behind Hasbro's Power Rangers various lines in a Q&A session, which will include Malavika Mantripragada, Senior Manager Tracy Wong, Senior Brand Manager Beth Bamrick, and Product Designer Vanessa Fung.

The panel will take place in Room 9, and you can check out the official description below.

"It's the Power Ranger Power Hour, featuring morphinominal reveals and first-looks across product and content. Be the first to see new Power Rangers Lightning Collection figures and other products yet to hit shelves, as well as sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes looks at entertainment, followed by Q&A with the design, marketing, and studio teams from Hasbro. Go Go Power Rangers! Panelists: Malavika Mantripragada, Tracy Wong, Beth Bamrick, and Mona Ahn."

As for what we'll see, hopefully, it will include a look at the sculpts and figures from Wave 2, as well as the actual lineup. The rumored lineup includes the Beast Morphers Red and Gold Rangers, as well as Lost Galaxy's Magna Defender and Mighty Morphin's Pink Ranger Kimberly. The Gamestop exclusive Goldar and Beast Morphers' Red Ranger are the only confirmed figures for that wave so far.

Who knows, maybe we'll also see some teases for Wave 3, which the Team CB crew definitely has a few wishes for (which you can see above). My personal picks are for a mix of classic seasons and a current creation, though it wouldn't stem from Beast Morphers. Instead, it would be the first Lightning Collection figure based on the BOOM! Studios comics, specifically Ranger Slayer.


SDCC will also be the place to find the Hasbro SDCC exclusive Power Rangers Red Ranger and Zeo Gold Ranger 2-Pack, which looks, well, fantastic, and you can check that out in more detail here.

Will you be attending Hasbro's panel at SDCC? If you are, make sure to hit me up while you're at the show, and if you aren't going to be able to make it you can follow me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB for all your Power Rangers news throughout Comic-Con!