Fans Want Power Rangers Actor To Play Nightwing

There's been plenty of debate over who could play Dick Grayson in the Nightwing movie, and more [...]

There's been plenty of debate over who could play Dick Grayson in the Nightwing movie, and more than a few fans are throwing one Power Rangers actor's hat into the ring.

That Power Rangers actor would be Dino Charge and HyperForce star Yoshi Sudarso. Sudarso originally got fans talking after posting a photo of himself in the gym mimicking a Nightwing action pose drawn by Brett Booth. He posted the side by side with the caption "Tryna be like #Nightwing @Demonpuppy art for inspiration 👊🏼."

Turns out Booth was a fan of the side by side, and so were plenty of other fans, who suggested starting a hashtag to get him cast in the lead role. After that, the #yoshifornightwing took off, and plenty of Power Rangers fans are showing their support for his being cast in the part.

(Photo: Twitter)

Amber Alejandro said "I really.... LIKE this..."

CanadaBest said, "You are Nightwing #yoshifornightwing you got the look, the body, the move... complete package!"

Noe Ramirez "Honestly Yoshi would be perfect for the live action Nightwing movie."

It only picked up steam when Nightwing director Chris McKay polled fans on what they want from the casting of Nightwing, with the choices being a recognizable movie star, a badass martial artist, Romani, and Vulnerable, emotional. Fans were quick to let him know Sudarso should be in the running.

4Fans referred McKay to a Dino Charge video and said: "@yoshi_sudarso again im recommending Yoshi Sudarso."

Jane Is Just Misunderstood said, "I know I've said it before but I'll keep saying it until it happens: @yoshi_sudarso for Nightwing. #YoshiForNightwing."

Gear Shift said, "i vote @yoshi_sudarso."

Jace Lumley said, "JUST CAST @yoshi_sudarso ALREADY."

Someone even shared a previous Nightwing cosplay from Sudarso, and he makes a compelling case.

Sudarso's martial arts abilities are well known, and he certainly has the look to play Nightwing. His natural demeanor would also suit the part, and he's definitely got a built-in fan base. So, plenty of reasons to give Sudarso a chance in the fan favorite role.

Only time will tell, but McKay did tease new information about the film around Valentine's Day, so maybe we'll know more then.

Nightwing hits theaters on February 1, 2019.