Jason David Frank Breaks Down How You're Supposed To Say Lord Drakkon

Lord Drakkon has quickly become quite popular in the world of Power Rangers, but for as many fans [...]

Lord Drakkon has quickly become quite popular in the world of Power Rangers, but for as many fans as he has, few know exactly how they're supposed to pronounce his name.

If you watch or listen to a variety of Power Rangers interviews, you're likely to hear more than a few interpretations. The name has been pronounced as Lord Drake-en, while others have said Lord Drakken. Others (myself included) have said it as Lord Drakk-on (emphasis on the on), but Jason David Frank recently cleared it all up once and for all.

Frank went straight to writer Kyle Higgins for the official answer. "People say Lord Drake-en, Lord Drakk-on, Kyle said it's Lord Drakkon (Drak-an)," Frank told Chris Cantada. "I had to go to a panel and I was thinking Drak-an, Drak-an, Drak-an. I would say it Lord Drake-en, but it's Lord Drak-an. But hey, tomayto, tomahto, what's the difference."

Frank is pretty thrilled about the comics in general and was a bit shocked that they went the Mighty Morphin route.

"Man you know when I first read the comic books I was a little surprised that they used the original cast for that," Frank said. "You know this was the time the movie was coming out, they were bringing in new actors so I thought well they're bringing in some comic books and they'll brand with the new actors, so once all the characters including Trini and Walter and the original cast came out I was like 'wow, this is definitely interesting, this is cool. Nobody gains weight in the comics. Nobody gets old in the comics, and we're still awesome and the storyline's incredible."

He also looks at it as one more character to add to his lengthy Power Rangers resume.

"I'm really good friends with Kyle, and so I started reading it myself because I'm a comic collector," Frank said. "I've collected comic books my whole life, and it was interesting, and then all of a sudden Drakkon came and I was like wow, that is really cool, and then instantly I thought 'another Ranger under my belt. Francis, make a new flyer, and add Lord Drakkon."

Fans can catch up with Lord Drakkon in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics, which are available in comic shops now.