'Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid' Getting Three New Characters

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid is now out on consoles, and soon the roster will be getting an upgrade with three new fighters to play as. The main roster of 9 has been criticized a bit by fans, but nWay hopes to mitigate some of that with a new update that will bring some cool characters to the game, and the best part is the update is completely free. No word yet on when this update will drop, but when it finally does fans will be able to play as a mix of favorites from the original series, the 2017 reboot film, and the BOOM! Studios comics series, giving every fan a character they can gravitate to.

The new characters include Power Rangers Mystic Force's Udonna, the Cenozoic Blue Ranger from Zordon's original Ranger team in the recent movie, and Dragon Armor Trini from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics. Udonna is a fan favorite and will likely bring some ice and magic attacks to the game, something it doesn't have at the moment. In Legacy Wars, Udonna greatly excels at range and we expect a similar treatment here.

The Dragon Armor Trini is a big surprise, and we love that you can see Trini's helmet surrounded by the Black Dragon armor she commandeers in the storyline. This will likely be another bruiser-style character like Goldar or Magna Defender, and we can't wait to give the character a try.

Last but certainly not least is the Cenozoic Blue Ranger, featuring a slightly tweaked suit from RJ Cyler's Billy in the movie since it is based on Zordon's original team. In Legacy Wars the 2017 movie Blue Ranger had some heightened guard abilities, so this one will likely be a bit of a balanced fighter with a move or two that also caters to that play-style. The game could definitely use that too, as it can be difficult to interrupt a combo once someone gets started.

You can check out the new characters above.

"Ayeyiyiyiyi! FREE DLC Characters: Udonna, Dragon Armor Trini, and Cenozoic Blue Ranger will be entering the Morphin Grid soon in #PowerRangers: Battle for the Grid as part of Update 1! Update 1 will provide fresh new content at no additional cost...(1/2)"

nWay also made sure to state that these new characters are not ones from the season one pass, which features three new additions to the game. Since Udonna is in this go-round,k the recently revealed datamine of the Gold Zeo Ranger is likely a part of that group, which would make plenty of fans happy.

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