Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid Phase 2 Launches on Kickstarter with Gold Zeo, Tommy Oliver Pack, and More

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid from Renegade Game Studios was a huge hit with Power Rangers fans, and now the game is getting even bigger thanks to the Phase 2 Kickstarter, which is now live. The Phase 2 Kickstarter doesn't launch with any new base sets, so it's all expansions, meaning you'll need the original base game to play if you want to try out all the new goodies. That said, if you already have the base game (which you can buy at retail now as well), Renegade is giving you four new expansions to make your next tabletop session that much more entertaining, leading off with the Zeo Rangers.

The tiers are divided into three separate two packs at $40 each, though you can buy everything in the higher tiers if you so choose. Up first is the Kickstarter Backer voted Zeo Ranger Pack, which comes with miniatures of each of the original five members of the team along with new decks and new Zords.

If you want the sixth Ranger, Zeo Gold, he comes in his own mini-expansion, though he will be included in all of the other tiers as well. He is a Kickstarter exclusive, however, so you will definitely want to scoop him up somehow. Not only with the Zeo Gold Character Pack come with a slick miniature but he'll also come with a double-sided character card (featuring Jason and Trey of Triforia), as well as two distinct cards in his deck and the Pyramidas Zord.

(Photo: Renegade Game Studios)

The second major expansion is the Legendary Ranger: Tommy Oliver Pack, which as its name implies features each version of Tommy Oliver over the years except for Zeo since he's in the other pack. You'll get five miniatures in total, as Turbo, original Green, White, Black Dino, and his evil robot clone are all represented here, and you'll get decks and character cards for all of them. You'll also get each of their Zords, and since the White Ranger was previously only available in the White Light Expansion, this is a great chance to get y our hands on the character.

(Photo: Renegade Game Studios)

The last major expansion is the Mega Goldar Deluxe Figure, which is just as impressive as it sounds. It dwarfs all your Ranger miniatures and comes with its own deck, and you can check out the impressive enemy below.

You can grab all of the new content in the Zeo Master! Tier ($110), and if you missed out on some of the earlier Kickstarter exclusive add-ons you can also pick up the Morphin Master! ($399) or Mega Morphin Master! ($499) tiers to get all of it.

(Photo: Renegade Game Studios)

You can head to the official Kickstarter page right here, and thankfully the project is already over 100% funded, soaring past its goal of $25,000 with $124,218 so far. It has 14 days left to go, so if you want some cool add-ons to this stellar game you will want to check this out.

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