'Power Rangers HyperForce' Dr. Tommy Oliver Returns Episode Is Now Available

If you missed the return of Dr. Tommy Oliver on Power Rangers HyperForce, you now have the chance [...]

If you missed the return of Dr. Tommy Oliver on Power Rangers HyperForce, you now have the chance to get caught up.

The latest episode of Power Rangers HyperForce (episode 9) is available now and features special guest star Jason David Frank. Frank portrays his Power Rangers Dino Thunder character, and yes, he even gets to join in on the Ranger action during the episode.

Dr. Tommy Oliver is Jason David Frank's Dino Thunder interpretation of the character, who had become a Paleontologist and ends up discovering (along with Anton Mercer) the dino gems. The Rangers find themselves in the year 2005 thanks to a time anomaly involving Mercer, and they team up with Dr. Oliver to track him down.

It is revealed that it has been 3 weeks since the last HyperForce adventure (the Holiday episode), and in that time Jack managed to run into Dr. Tommy Oliver along the way. It is also noted that this adventure takes place 3 months after the conclusion of Dino Thunder.

Watching the other HyperForce Rangers interact with a legend like Tommy was delightful, and provided some wonderful character moments. Vesper, Eddie, Marv, Jack, and Chloe all had their chances to shine alongside Tommy and even had the chance to get a ride in the Brachiozord. If you're a fan of Dino Thunder (or Power Rangers in general), you won't want to miss this episode.

The video can be found above.

For our full impressions of Jason David Frank's debut, you can head here. We also recently had the chance to talk to Director of Power Rangers Content Melissa Flores and Game Master Malika Lim, who give fans a glimpse at what's in store for Saban's first foray into interactive tabletop.

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