Power Rangers' Jason Faunt Talks Dimensions In Danger Return and What He Would Have Changed

When you're mentioning favorite Power Rangers seasons, it isn't long before Time Force pops up in [...]

When you're mentioning favorite Power Rangers seasons, it isn't long before Time Force pops up in the discussion. There are several reasons why of course, though one of them is most certainly the likable cast of Rangers. ComicBook.com recently had the chance to chat with Time Force's Red Ranger Jason Faunt, and the last time we spoke he was gearing up for the big reunion episode Dimensions in Danger, which brought in 10 legendary Rangers from across the franchise to join the Ninja Steel crew. Since the episode is out now we had the chance to talk all about it as well as the one thing Faunt would've changed about the team-up.

"Yeah that's right, last time I was here we couldn't disclose it because of the NDAs, but those reunion episodes are so special, " Faunt said. "I say this all the time but I don't think a part of my life hasn't been touched by Power Rangers in the last 18 19 years now so it's just got such a special place in my heart. So when they ask me to come back I'm the first to raise my hand."

Faunt compares it to the Power Rangers version of a High School Reunion, and fans were incredibly positive about the episode that came from it, though there is one thing he would've changed.

"I'm excited to go back, and we had a lot of fun," Faunt said. "It's like a very successful High School Reunion. You know everybody comes back. We actually probably screw around too much where they really have to pull us back, like 'guys guys guys, gotta settle.' You know we gotta work still, but so much fun going back, and I thought the show went well. They answered a lot of questions about the Grid and how that works. I wish it was longer. I always tell them these have got to be one-hour episodes, but I think they are recognizing that so hopefully they kind of start to adapt a bit."

"But yeah, people loved it. Should've been longer, and again I've talked to the producers about that," Faunt said. "Fans love it when the originals come back and they love that touch from the past. It bridges the gap between now these adults and their kids, and hopefully, they continue to do that and expand that."

Dimensions in Danger crammed quite a bit into just 22 minutes, with the reveal of different Ranger teams across dimensions, an army of evil Ranger clones, 10 legendary Rangers, and time for the current team of Rangers to shine. That's a lot for an hour, let alone half that, and we are definitely hoping the next big team-up gets a little more time to breathe.

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