Zachary Quinto Gives an Update on 'Star Trek' Movies

Yesterday brought several major updates on the future of the Star Trek franchise on television. Now Zachary Quinto, who plays the Kelvin timeline’s Spock, has offered an update on the future of the film series as well.

Quinto and his castmates from The Boys in the Band were guests on Andy Cohen’s Sirius FM show, and Cohen asked Quinto about what’s next for the Star Trek films. Quinto implied that answers may be just around the corner.

“You know, I think we’re going to know more in the next few weeks actually,” Quinto says. “There is a fourth movie that’s being developed right now. They’ve brought a director who’s actually a wonderful woman who I’ve worked with before named SJ Clarkson into the mix to develop and to helm that project. And so I think it’s now kind of in the business, logistical kind of phase.”

This should be encouraging news for Star Trek fans. After such a long time spent in what felt like development limbo, it sounds like concrete decisions about Star Trek 4’s budget and shooting schedule.

However, fans know that at least two Star Trek movies are in development. The second is being developed from a pitch by Quentin Tarantino, who may also direct the film, though Quinto says there’s still some time to figure that out.

“That would be the one after this one, which I think is also still in the works,” Quinto says. “He’s doing his Charles Manson movie this summer, so we’ll do this one now and then that one down the line.”

It is worth noting that Quinto’s statement seems to assume that he and his Star Trek co-star will return for Tarantino’s film, as Simon Pegg didn’t seem entirely certain of that in a previous interview.

“No, well - we don't know anything about it,” Pegg told Moviefone. "Because they know that we'll get asked about it all the time and they protect us from ourselves. I know as much as you do. I just know that Quentin came in with an idea and I'm excited to see what fruit that bears. I know there was some kind of consternation from the fans. But he's a devoted Star Trek fan and an incredibly gifted filmmaker, so I can't think of anything more exciting than him having a crack at it.”


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The first three Kelvin timeline Star Trek movies - Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Star Trek Beyond - are all available now on home media. Star Trek 4 still does not have a production start or release date. It is unclear how Tarantino's Star Trek fits into the production schedule.