Star Trek: Discovery Is Leaving Netflix for Paramount+ Globally

Netflix just lost some major IP in its international markets. Star Trek: Discovery is an original series on Paramount+ (formerly CBS All Access) here in the United States, but the ViacomCBS streaming service wasn't available in other markets, so the company made a deal to license the show out to Netflix everywhere else around the globe. The first three seasons of Discovery have been presented Netflix originals in global markets, but that changed earlier this week as the series has been removed from Netflix lineups.

A new deal was reached between Netflix and ViacomCBS that will see Star Trek: Discovery become a Paramount+ original series all across the globe. Next year, Discovery will start popping up in various international Paramount+ markets. According to Deadline, The UK, Germany, Ireland, Austria, and Switzerland will be among the first countries to get Discovery added to their Paramount+ lineup. More markets will follow throughout the year.

CBS All Access didn't have a global footprint but that has changed with the transition to Paramount+. The streaming service is now available in more than 20 markets around the globe, with a planned expansion to reach another 25 markets in the next year.

"As we rapidly expand our global streaming footprint, we are bringing more of our top titles home to ViacomCBS for Paramount+ markets around the world," ViacomCBS Networks International streaming boss Kelly Day told Deadline. "We have a strong global and local content pipeline that positions us for success across our regions, and repatriating beloved series like Star Trek: Discovery for Paramount+ is another step forward as we bring fans more must-watch series worldwide."

The move away from Netflix is obviously going to be frustrating for some Star Trek fans, especially given the timing of the exit. Thursday marked the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 on Paramount+. With this move, global markets won't be able to see the new season until next year when the series moves to Paramount+ internationally.

Season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery is an important one for the series, as it sees lead character Michael Burnham, played by Sonequa Martin-Green, finally take over as captain.

"It changes the entire dynamic of the show because we've always seen this story through Burnham's eyes and you've always been able to see this sort of trek upward, but also inward too," Martin-Green told in a recent interview. "And so I always knew that this was a journey to the chair, but we were all passionate about earning it and about Burnham being ready for it. I can call back to so many different conversations I've had that Michelle has graciously had with me about that, about Burnham being ready for that chair and having to learn this lesson or that lesson or having to address this trauma or resolve this or be absolved of that in order to really sit in that chair and do it for the needs of the many and not the needs of the few or the needs of one. So in the story, it's huge and I love that it gives you this full picture. It's almost like a full painting now because you see this captain that you know so well, and you see this crew that you know so well, now operating together. And then of course, just for me, as who I am, just knowing what it means, it's overwhelming." 


Star Trek: Discovery is available to stream exclusively on Paramount+.