'Star Trek: Discovery' Star on the Possibility of a Musical Episode

Star Trek: Discovery has offered fans a new twist on the iconic franchise. But could that [...]

Star Trek: Discovery has offered fans a new twist on the iconic franchise. But could that eventually include a musical episode?

Wilson Cruz, who plays Hugh Culber on the CBS All Access series, was recently asked about the possibility during an interview with SyfyWire. As he revealed, it's definitely been brought up before, especially between Cruz and his Discovery co-star (and fellow Rent alum) Anthony Rapp.

"I don't know." Cruz explained. "I do know that I think it was brought up. We were chatting about it one day in jest but it's not completely out of the question for Anthony and I."

While the concept of a Discovery musical episode - or even just a single musical number - might not land with some, there's actually quite a bit of Star Trek precedent for it. Most notably, Nichelle Nichols performed "Beyond Antares" in the episode "Conscience Of The King", and Patrick Stewart performed a little number in the Next Generation episode "Alliance". With that in mind, Cruz says that it could work within the world of Discovery.

"There have been musical performances on Star Trek in the past," Cruz added, "and I think if it's appropriate and part of the story is served by it I think we would be down for that."

But before that, Cruz's character will have to undergo quite a lot, as Culber appeared to meet his end during Discovery's most recent episode. According to Culber, he will certainly return to the show in one way or another.

"What I can say is that I've been assured that this is a long, epic story, and I know where it's going and I'm excited about telling that story," Culber said earlier this week. "But in order for us to tell that story, this had to happen. We're inviting people to go on this journey, and part of this journey is going to be magnificent and some of it is going to be disappointing. There is going to be glory and triumph and heartbreak, but we will come out of it at the other end better for it, I promise you. So go on the ride with us."

New Star Trek: Discovery episodes become available to stream Sundays at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS All Access.