Five ‘Star Trek’ Trademarks Tease Possible CBS All Access Spin-Off Series

Star Trek didn't become one of Hollywood's biggest sci-fi series for no reason. Its complex stories and Starfleet operations still churn out new fans today, and a set of live trademarks have netizens wondering if some new spin-off titles are coming to CBS All Access.

Earlier today, the buzz around Star Trek exploded when new reports confirmed CBS All Access is working on an animated comedy. The show, which is titled Star Trek: Lower Decks, will be overseen by the writer behind Rick and Morty. The announcement was met with excitement, but it directed attention back to a set of trademarks filed by CBS Studios Inc. some months ago.

Thanks to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, fans can check out the titles circulating here. Earlier this year, CBS Studios filed five trademarks which appear to be for a multimedia drama and/or digital series. All of the titles were filed on August 3, and you can check out their names below:

Starfleet Academy
Ceti Alpha V
Lower Decks

As you can see, Lower Decks was housed in the same trademark batch as the other four. Fans speculated whether the five titles would be made into spin-off series under CBS All Access in August, and the confirmation of Lower Decks has only spurred that conversation forward.

Interestingly enough, fans have noted all the titles share the same trademarks save for Reliant. It has just one application filed, and it covers a "continuing multimedia series" amongst other things. You can read the application's description below:

"Entertainment services in the nature of a multimedia program series featuring drama distributed via various platforms across multiple forms of transmission media; providing non-downloadable entertainment series in the form of films and television programs featuring drama via video-on-demand services; providing information in the field of entertainment via the Internet and portable and wireless communication devices."

This application would give CBS Studios the ability to title a potential series like Reliant on a video-on-demand service. However, this is the only trademark live for that particular title. On the other hand, the rest of the trademarks listed could also distribute digital downloads since their second application reads as follows: "Digital media, namely, pre-recorded digital video discs, digital versatile discs, DVDs, downloadable audio and video recordings, and high definition digital discs featuring drama; Downloadable multimedia files containing videos relating to programs featuring drama provided via a video-on-demand service"

This application would give CBS Studios trademark permission to distribute these potential series digitally or physically, giving the company the opportunity to do home video releases. Still, at this time, there is no official word out about any of these projects aside from Lower Decks. Fans will just have to keep a close eye on CBS All Access just in case news does crop up soon.

Looking at these new titles, fans can get a feel for what these potential series could be about. Ceti Alpha V shares a direct tie with Khan Noonien Singh as the infamous villain was left on the Class-M world with his crew after he tangled with Captain Kirk. Starfleet Academy could explore more of the fabled school that put the likes of Piccard and Kirk through their paces. So, for now, fans will have to keep their fingers crossed that these titles are a bit more than just placeholders.


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