Fans Discover Hidden Mini Game on Disney+

Like a one-hit wonder band on a reunion tour, Disney+ knows that they can get the audience excited by just trotting out that one thing...but only having the one can be a little awkward sometimes. Such is the case with a new game that fans have created for themselves on the Disney+ website, which allows fans to customize recommendations...but can often end up looking like a slot machine, where all the recommendations line up to be the same one or two things, because Disney+ simply does not have that much original content yet. In a LOT of cases, The Mandalorian is getting recommended left and right.

Like most streaming video on demand services, Disney+ has their programming divided up into categories and lined up on the front page. And like most streaming video on demand services, their algorithm seems to really like recommending Disney+ originals.

But unlike Netflix or Hulu, the amount of content Disney+ has to draw on is pretty limited -- especially as it pertains to brand-new or exclusive and original content. The result is that with a bare minimum of scrolling, fans can find themselves looking at "trending," "recommended for you," and two or three other categories all pushing The Mandalorian, Avengers: Endgame, or Avatar at any given time. Sometimes you might even be able to line up the recommendations so that two or more of those movies appear on multiple lines in sequence.

The problem is not that Disney+ does not have a lot of content; it does, and the company has been open about a focus on quality over quantity, which means that even with thousands of hours of content on the platform they still won't be racing to the bottom and dumping dozens of Z-grade movies with no-name actors on every week like Netflix. But the problem seems to be that the stratification of the content -- both in quality and in demand -- is pretty sharp.

Of course, there is plenty more on the way. Disney has said that they have plans for more Star Wars content, and there are new Marvel Studios/Marvel Cinematic Universe series rolling out basically quarterly starting in early 2020. The service will also swell as content that is currently with other providers reverts to Disney once existing deals lapse.

For now, though, it's a good thing there's that adorable baby on The Mandalorian, huh?


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