'Pacific Rim' and 'Star Wars' Actor John Boyega Says Snoke Would Beat Kaiju

John Boyega has quickly become one of the most sought-after actors of his generation, helping bring massive franchises like Star Wars and Pacific Rim to life. With both series being full of massive threats, Boyega claims that Supreme Leader Snoke from Star Wars could easily take down the Kaiju from Pacific Rim.

"I think Snoke could probably be able to do something with us, but we could destroy his house," Boyega told Comicbook.com. "Get him distracted with anger until he goes too much into his hate. I'm sure Luke Skywalker would be on our side anyway."

In Pacific Rim: Uprising, Boyega plays the pilot of a Jaeger, a massive mech suit that is used to combat city-destroying Kaiju. In the actor's mind, Supreme Leader Snoke would pilot a Jaeger alongside his character to neutralize the monsters.

Audiences first met Snoke in The Force Awakens in the form of a massive hologram. Given his brief time on screen, we had no idea how large the character was, potentially being as massive as a Kaiju himself.

Since then, toys have depicted the Supreme Leader as being much larger than human characters, but still nowhere near as large as a Kaiju.

In recent leaked images from the upcoming book Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need To Know, a portion reads, "Among Snoke's many frightening powers are telepathy and Force chokes and throws!"

These abilities might come in handy when facing off against members of the Resistance, but we doubt they can be utilized when going up against a Kaiju.


When it comes to piloting Jaegers, it requires the mental and physical abilities of two pilots working in unison, so for Snoke to be able to pilot the mech at all, he'd need to find someone to "drift" with. It's also possible that, given the Supreme Leader's abilities with the Force, he might be able to pilot the craft on his own. Additionally, it's tough to know if his Force powers could be utilized by the mechs.

The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15.

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