Star Wars: New Look at Baby Yoda Toys Unveiled

Baby Yoda was the absolute breakout star of Star Wars: The Mandalorian and Good Morning America [...]

Baby Yoda was the absolute breakout star of Star Wars: The Mandalorian and Good Morning America gave fans a huge look at all the toys with the character coming their way. Michael Strahan and the crew walked through the impressive lineup of merchandise before the New York Toy Fair this weekend. A lot of frustration was evident from fans when The Mandalorian premiered as Disney opted not to have any merchandise ready for the launch of the show. Once people saw Baby Yoda, they wanted the little alien for themselves. But, it turns out that decision made a ton of sense as it helped shield the surprise and delight a lot of fans who had no way to expect Baby Yoda.

The first thing GMA shined their spotlight on was "The Child Animatronic Plush" from Hasbro, which went up for pre-order earlier today. It won't be arrive until the fall of this year, but the studio audience could not contain their excitement. This version of Baby Yoda makes sounds and can move in certain motorized sequences. Touching the top of the head activates all the sounds and gestures. The kid's head even moves while its eyes open and close. Even cuter is the fact that if you lay The Child down, it will take a "Force nap."

Hasbro is also bringing a more static talking plush of The Child to market later this year as well. This one can speak, but also comes with some of the adorable accessories that Baby Yoda encountered during the show. The bone broth bowl and the Sorgan frog get to come along for the adventure here. You can give the figure a squeeze to trigger the sounds and such, and you're probably going to be hearing a lot of this one in the toy aisle.

What would this entire exercise be without Funko Pops! Well, Baby Yoda will be available in all its glory. This particular figure made some news recently as being the best-selling Funko Pop! pre-order of all-time. The rabid desire for all things Baby Yoda helps explain that, along with the fact that the Funko version of the little guy projects to be much more affordable than some of the other versions will inevitably be.

For other versions, like the Build-A-Bear version of Baby Yoda, more info is still to come. The pricing hasn't been announced yet, but you can sign up for email notifications on their website.