Remembering Carrie Fisher: Watch Her 'Star Wars: A New Hope' Audition Tape

For over 40 years, Star Wars' Princess Leia has inspired audiences with her wit, intelligence and bravery, never shying away from accepting a dangerous mission if it will help the Rebel Alliance. Carrie Fisher brought the character to life and made her what she was, often making it difficult to see where Leia ended and the actress began. Check out how the character began by checking out Fisher's audition tape below.

The scene above hints at some of the dialogue we'd eventually see in the finished film, in addition to offering a glimpse at her future co-star Harrison Ford, who reads dialogue along with her. On December 27, 2016, Fisher suddenly passed away after suffering a medical emergency during a transatlantic flight from London to Los Angeles four days earlier.

In the year since her death, family, friends and fans have all gone through waves of grief together due to a variety of milestones.

After suffering through the initial shock of her passing in the following weeks, the seminal members of the saga appeared at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida in April. The event helped mark the 40th anniversary of the film's premiere, while also looking towards the future. Despite the event bringing together stars from every corner of the galaxy, Fisher's absence was felt at every panel and during virtually every interview.

Recent weeks have seen another wave of grief regarding Fisher's passing, as the promotional tour for The Last Jedi got into full swing. Despite the inherent sadness surrounding her passing, the premiere of her final performance in the Star Wars saga also allowed those who worked with her to pay their respects to not just her character, but to who she was on her own.

At the film's official premiere, writer/director Rian Johnson took the stage to share a special tribute to the actress.

"I want to dedicate tonight to Carrie, who is up there right now flipping me the bird, saying, 'Damn it Rian, don't you dare make this night a solemn tribute,'" Johnson shared. "So let's all have a blast tonight for Carrie."

The film itself also included a dedication to the actress, which reads, "In Loving Memory of our Special Princess, Carrie Fisher."


Fans can see Fisher's final performance in The Last Jedi, in theaters now.

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