Star Wars: George Lucas Made the Latest Edit to Han Shot Greedo Scene

Disney+ has launched, and brought a whole slew of Disney-owned TV and Movie content, along with it. Of course one of the fan-favorite poles of the modern Disney brand is Star Wars, and Disney+ arrives with the entire Star Wars Original Trilogy available to users. That all seemed cool until viewers discovered a controversial change to Star Wars: A New Hope, in the already controversial scene where Han Solo and rival bounty hunter Greedo shoot it out while seated in a cantina booth on Tattooine. However, before Star Wars get up in arms to swing swords at Disney or Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, they should probably know that this latest change came from George Lucas himself!

First, take a look at this handy comparison of all the various changes to the "Han Shoots Greedo" scene that have been made over the years in various Star Wars re-releases: reached out to Disney for comment on this issue, and confirmed that yes, "the change was made by George Lucas, prior to the Disney acquisition." Entertainment pundits have offered further explanation, which Disney has also confirmed. Basically, George Lucas reportedly began to make this alteration to the Han / Greedo scene as part of his Star Wars 4K conversion process for the 3D re-releases that ultimately never made it onto store shelves. So, instead of the more lit version of the scene (in which Greedo clearly shoots first) that fans saw in the '90s Star Wars OT re-releases , what we have on Disney+ is a 4K conversion of the original blessedly dark and grainy footage from A New Hope, that Lucas has slightly tinkered with.

So where does this new version of the Han/Greedo scene leave us? It basically splits the difference of the "Han shot first!" vs "Greedo shot first!" debate that's raged since the '90s Star Wars re-releases, so that both Han and Greedo kinda sorta shoot first, we guess? At this point the scene has been changed so many times that it's hard to stay emotionally invested in even further changes being made. Still, that hasn't stopped some fans from raging over the fact that A New Hope can never seem to be left alone from further meddling.

Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker hits theaters on December 20th. The Mandalorian is now streaming on Disney+, along with the Star Wars Episodes I - VII.


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