Star Wars: The Mandalorian Brings Major Redemption For Baby Yoda in Chapter 11

Few have been as loved as Baby Yoda throughout Disney's The Mandalorian, though the character got some backlash after the last episode. Mando is supposed to help a woman of a frog-like species get to her husband with a container of her unhatched eggs intact. He's found a place for them to live, but it's quite far away, so in turn for some information on the location of more of his kind Mando takes the journey. Along the way though Baby Yoda (The Child) eats some of those eggs, and some fans took issue with the fact that he ate three of them throughout the episode. The good news is that they are loving him once more after this week's episode, and here's why.

About midway through the episode, Mando has to help some other Mandalorians confiscate some weapons from the Empire, and so he leaves Baby Yoda with the couple while he helps with the attack. When he does leave him we see the container of eggs sitting on the table, and Baby Yoda looks closer at it.

We then see the shot from the other side of the container and watch as Baby Yoda marvels at the hatching of one of the eggs, and his expression is priceless. He's putting together what the eggs mean and his eyes get big once he sees the little creature that hatches from it, and this is furthered later.

After the attack, Mando comes to pick up Baby Yoda from the couple, and we find they holding the Child as he's playing with the new hatchling on the table. He's having a great time but Mando picks him up, and Baby Yoda is upset since he just wants to play with his new friend. It's a sweet sequence of scenes and it appears the internet is in love with Baby Yoda once more.

Granted, we also see Baby Yoda eat something that was trying to eat him later in the episode, but hey, we imagine next time he finds an egg he won't be so quick to try and have it for dinner, and that's progress.


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