'Star Wars Rebels' Character Confirmed to Have Been on Hoth Before 'Empire Strikes Back'

One of the many joys of the Star Wars galaxy following Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm is the ways in which characters from various mediums make appearances in other storylines to confirm everyone's role in the universe. In an upcoming comic book, readers get to see Star Wars Rebels' Hera Syndulla at the Rebel base on Hoth prior to the events of The Empire Strikes Back.

In the first issue of Star Wars Adventures: Forces of Destiny—Princess Leia, the Rebellion is on Hoth. Upon the discovery of a downed ship, Han, Leia and Hera all ride tauntauns to the location in hopes of discovery parts to be used for the shield generator that protects the planet.

Of the many characters featured in the animated Star Wars Rebels, Hera has become one of the most prominent members, often appearing in other mediums.

With last year's debut of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, audiences could hear that General Syndulla was beckoned over a PA system prior to the assault on Scarif. This confirmed that not only does Hera survive the events of her own TV series, but that she continues to remain an integral part of the Rebel Alliance.

This nod in Rogue One to the TV series came as a surprise to audiences as well as Hera voice actress Vanessa Marshall.

"Fantastic, I almost started crying," Marshall told ComicBookMovie about her reaction to hearing her character's name. "I had to remember I was in a public place and had to contain myself. I thought I was losing my mind and started asking, 'Did that really just happen?' I went to see it a million times and every time, I was just blown away. It's good to know that she still exists at that point, so that's a good thing, but also being such a huge fan of every Star Wars film that's been released, having a character I've played in an animated series be mentioned...it was really rewarding."

Whether or not we'll ever actually see the character in a live-action film is yet to be determined.


The final season of Star Wars Rebels will conclude in early 2018.

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