Star Wars: Rian Johnson Shares New The Last Jedi Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Rian Johnson shared some brand new behind-the-scenes photos of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. There are still a bunch of things that fans haven't seen surrounding the controversial entry in the series. The gem of these images is definitely Andy Serkis sitting next to a sad-looking Snoke and screaming at the sky. There were a lot of choices in the film that riled up fans and the "big bad" of the first two films definitely fits the bill. Even so, when Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hit theaters late last year, it sparked all the talk about what didn't work in the sequel trilogy up again.

Johnson made it a priority to deliver an adventure that people had not experienced before. Maybe some test screenings could have helped in that regard, or maybe they wouldn't have. One thing is for sure, that the enduring arguments about The Last Jedi online cement the movie as something that people had never experienced before, and may never experience again.

"I think the instant you start thinking in terms of how do you not step outside of the bounds of what the original movies did, you're not thinking the way the people who made the original movies did," Johnson explained on the Creative Processing with Joseph Gordon-Levitt podcast. "They were with every movie, they were pushing it forward, with every movie they were stepping outside those bounds and pushing the characters into new, emotionally honest, but surprising places. That's why those movies are great. That's why they're alive. If they had been looking at something that came before it and saying, 'Oh, we better not do this because that is outside of this or that,' it would've been different."

The director shared more about the possibility of having the test screenings as a buffer. Star Wars is kept under wraps like a royal secret, so, that was out of the question. But Johnson did talk about the atmosphere during the Knives Out screenings and how cool it would have been to see such a thing around The Last Jedi.

"It was like a party in the theater, it was really fun. It was like the first time I was like 'Oh wow, this actually plays. This is good,'" Johnson shares on Knives Out's commentary track about the film's test screenings, per ScreenRant. "Which is really nice and that's something on Star Wars, you can't test Star Wars movies for a lot of different reasons. I've always hated test screening, and when we were making Star Wars, at a certain point in the process you're like, 'God, I would give my left arm to put this in front of 300 people in Burbank and just see how it plays.'"


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