Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Is Disney's Most Immersive Ride to Date

On Wednesday night, Walt Disney World will officially open its latest attraction, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. The new ride at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge in Orlando, Florida's Walt Disney World connects the world of Batuu, where the park takes place, and the current trilogy of Star Wars films. Disney has billed Rise of the Resistance as an experience unlike anything the park has ever done before. Having checked out the ride for myself on Wednesday morning, I can safely say that Disney isn't lying. This is the most unique and immersive ride experience Disney has to offer.

What makes Rise of the Resistance such a special experience is that it's essentially multiple different attractions in one. There is a regular line to wait in, just like with most other rides, but things change once you make it to what you think is the actual attraction.

Rise of the Resistance starts out as a mission to transport from Batuu to a secret Resistance base. BB-8 pulls up a hologram from Rey and she explains what's going on. From there, you're put on a transporter where you simply stand up and can see both the front and rear windows. Poe Dameron tries to lead the transport but an attack by First Order ships puts a wrinkle in the plans and abducts the entire transport ship. It feels like you're already on the ride. But that's when things really get started.

Once the transporter stops moving, the doors open and you're escorted by First Order guards onto a new ship, one filled with massive AT-ATs, fighters, and a horde of stormtroopers. Every Disney cast member in this part of the attraction is dressed head-to-toe in First Order gear and totally acts the part. They bark orders while escorting you to a holding cell. While you wait for your cell to open up, they comment on the way you dress (I got yelled at for my hat being on backwards) and chastise you for texting, or "sending messages to the Resistance."

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(Photo: Walt Disney World)

After being broken out of the holding cell, you get on the actual ride itself, and that's just as fun, if not more fun, than everything before it. The cars that take you away, led by an R5 droid, have no big tracks to follow. You're zipped around rooms as you escape the First Order, flying fight past other cars with other Resistance passengers. The rest of the ride sees you shot at by stormtroopers and chased down by Kylo Ren while you try to make your way out.


Disney truly has made nothing like Rise of the Resistance before, and it'll be a while before anything else like it appears. Check it out the very first chance you get.