Denny's 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Commercial Teases Film's Creatures, Sabacc Game

The upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story will explore the origins of Han Solo, one of the most renowned smugglers in the galaxy, in addition to depicting his sordid activities with cohorts Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian, and Qi'ra. To celebrate the film, Denny's will debut an all-new themed menu featuring tie-in products, as well as releasing collectibles that are available for purchase. Check out a commercial for the event featuring a variety of the film's creatures above.

With only one trailer having debuted, the above commercial gives us the best look yet at the colorful characters that will be featured in the film. We also get a brief glimpse of the sabacc card game, which many fans know was how Han won the Millennium Falcon from Lando.

Donald Glover, who plays Lando in the film, confirmed that a variation of the game would appear, but whether or not we see the game that costs Calrissian his beloved ship remains to be discovered.

"Yeah, we are playing a game of sabacc. A lot of it, you know?" said Glover. "We are getting a taste of that. How good is Lando? How good is Han?"

Lando's sabacc abilities were briefly teased in the film's trailer, as the gambler was interacting with a group of aliens around a table.

"And that character, I mean, I had a good time with that character," Glover said. "We improv'd a lot together actually. She doesn't speak English so it's a little hard, but I had a fun time with those [puppeteers], they are really good. Probably some really good outtakes on set."

The most recently released Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, explored some mature subject matter, while Glover promises that Solo might be the most fun installment in the saga.

"I think it's just a lot more fun. All the Star Wars [movies] are really fun but I think this movie, we know what's going to happen, we know they're not going to die, ya know?" Glover told Entertainment Tonight of how the film compares to the rest of the saga. "We know, kind of, what happens, but how we got there, I guess, is the crux of it. So we're allowed to have a lot more fun than I think the other movies where you have to deal with a lot of the lineage in what's going to happen. I think this movie's, like, just a fun, summer film. I'm really excited about it. It's really cool."

Fans will see just how much fun the film is when Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on May 25th.

Are you hoping Solo leans more into the fun aspect of the Star Wars saga? Let us know in the comments below!

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