Star Wars: Domhnall Gleeson Clarifies Rian Johnson Wrote Hux's Big 'The Last Jedi' Moment

Actors can't always anticipate how their comments will be interpreted during press interviews in [...]

Actors can't always anticipate how their comments will be interpreted during press interviews in support of a film, as evidenced by The Last Jedi's Domhnall Gleeson wanting to clarify recent remarks. The actor gave the impression that he had created a moment for his character Hux in the film, yet wanted to assure fans that the moment was, in fact, crafted by writer/director Rian Johnson.

"It's funny, Kevin Smith was asking me that yesterday. And it was funny, I was saying that was something I talked to Rian about, that we added in to the thing," Gleeson clarified to Uproxx. "And I realized it sounded like I was saying it was my idea, like that actor who's always like, 'That was all me.' Rian wrote that, but after we'd had a conversation about making the change."

The moment in question saw Hux enter Snoke's throne room after Kylo confronted his master, with Hux drawing the conclusion that Kylo was an even bigger threat than he imagined. Instinctively, Hux goes for his blaster, only to remember that the weapon would be virtually useless against the Sith.

Gleeson added, "Actors who are like, 'That was me,' you're like, shut the f-ck up! So, yes, I should clarify that that's still all Rian Johnson."

Taking credit for the moment came from a conversation the actor had with IMDb, in which his brief comments seemed to allude to his ownership of the moment.

"That was the one moment I asked Rian for," Gleeson told IMDb. "General Hux is like a kicked dog for the whole movie, he just keeps on getting thrown into stuff and bullied, and I was like, 'I wouldn't like people to forget that he's also a really nasty piece of work and could have an effect on the way things move forward.'"

It's easy to see how the actor's comments could imply he came up with the reaction in the moment, with the specifics of how the two collaborated to create the reaction still unclear. Regardless of how the moment came about, it helped remind audiences that Hux isn't always a character who will blindly follow orders, but also won't rush into action if there could end up being dangerous repercussions.

The Last Jedi is in theaters now.

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