Lucasfilm Has Figured Out Snoke's 'Star Wars' Backstory

The new trilogy of Star Wars films presented many new mysteries in just the first film, but few have dominated fan theories like the identity and history of the villainous Supreme Leader Snoke.

And though we might not learn everything fans want to know about the leader of the First Order in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Lucasfilm does have a backstory locked down for the character — and actor Andy Serkis knows what it is.

While speaking with IGN about his directorial debut called Breathe, Serkis said “Oh yeah, absolutely I know it.”

This might be confusing for fans, especially after Serkis previously said that he had to make up his own history for the Supreme Leader. Plus, given that Lucasfilm allowed writer and director Rian Johnson to tell his own story, not to mention that J.J. Abrams set a lot of story beats up for others to expound on, it seemed like there wasn’t a specific plan or backstory in place for the character.

Serkis’ words make it clear that Johnson and Lucasfilm laid down the groundwork for the character, and that Abrams will likely reveal some key details when Episode IX releases in 2019.

Johnson has already said that Snoke’s identity or history will not be revealed in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but that his motivations will be explored. He compared the character to the Emperor in the original trilogy, who was an overwhelming force of evil. It wasn’t until the prequels where fans learned about Senator Palpatine’s rise to power and machinations as the evil Sith Lord.

Some scenes in the trailer hinted at a major confrontation between Rey and Snoke in the new film, but Serkis wouldn’t reveal any details when asked how the fledgling Force user fits into his plans for Kylo Ren.

“Oh man, that’s so confidential I can’t possibly talk about it. I’m sorry [Laughs], I would love to tell you… All I can is you’re onto something.”


It sounds like Star Wars fans are in for some major revelations regarding Snoke, just not the ones they’re dying to know. But don’t worry, at least there is a plan in place and they’re not waiting to figure it out later.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi premieres in theaters December 15.