Star Wars: Does Kylo Ren Become a Jedi in The Rise of Skywalker?

Some audiences would say that, in his first two films, Kylo Ren proved himself as even more ruthless than his grandfather Darth Vader, leading us to wonder if he could ever turn to the Light Side of the Force. His devotion to the Dark Side might make redemption seem impossible, but the same can be said for Anakin Skywalker, who betrayed Palpatine to save his son Luke in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Additionally, Kylo Ren appeared to be the only actual "Skywalker" that the "Rise of Skywalker" could refer to, with audiences thinking it was a given that Kylo would abandon his deadly beliefs. With The Rise of Skywalker out in theaters, audiences now know Kylo's fate.

WARNING: Spoilers below for The Rise of Skywalker

Against all odds, Kylo Ren does have enough experiences to cast complete doubt over the Dark Side, ultimately embracing his former identity of Ben Solo, though it's an entirely different matter to claim he becomes a Jedi.

During a pivotal duel with Rey, Kylo reveals that the biggest reason he feels he can never become Ben Solo again was due to severing his connection with his parents, only for Leia to use her powers with the Force to reach out across the galaxy to briefly connect with Ben, confirming that she was still there for him. In this moment, Rey stabbed him, though she used her abilities with the Force to heal his wound.

Ben not only experienced a connection with Leia, but once he left behind his villainous thoughts, memories of his father came flooding back to him, confirming that "Kylo Ren" was gone for good.

Later in the film, Rey confronts Palpatine to put an end to the Sith once and for all, with Ben coming to her aid. In addition to battling the Knights of Ren, Rey gave Ben his grandfather's old lightsaber as she wielded Leia's former saber against Palpatine. While the showdown wasn't entirely successful, as Rey died in the process of defeating Palpatine, Ben was able to use his abilities with the Force to revive her, though it cost him his life.

While Kylo Ren may have never become a full-fledged Jedi, it's safe to say that Ben Solo abandoned the Dark Side of the Force and embraced the Light.


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is in theaters now.

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