The Mandalorian Is First Disney+ Show To Make Nielsen's Streaming Top 10 List

Although The Mandalorian was apparently no match for a highly-anticipated one-off movie available to Disney+ subscribers at no extra cost, it has officially become the first Disney+ series to crack Nielsen's Top 10 highest-rated streaming rankings. This should come as no surprise as it is the far and beyond the highest-profile series Disney+ has had to offer to date but the series has been generating a tremendous buzz week after week with new episodes arriving on Friday's, often appealing to long time Star Wars fans with ties to movies and animated shows, and commonly getting praised in reviews.

With nine episodes available at the time of the measurement by Nielsen, The Mandalorian was estimated to boast more than 1 billion minutes of streaming, taking the third spot overall for October 2020's list. As more episodes have been coming available, each seemingly generating more buzz than the last, The Mandalorian should expect to hold a spot in the Top 10 for November, as well.

Netflix's The Queen’s Gambit finished in first place, with an estimated 1,850,000,000 minutes streamed. The Office, which will be leaving Netflix at the end of the year, boasted an estimated 1,046,000,000 minutes of streaming time with 192 episodes available for the series which concluded in 2013. The Mandalorian, in third place with nine episodes, boasts an estimated 1,032,000,000 minutes streamed. The other titles in the Top 10 did not crack the 1 billion minutes streamed mark. The titles which round out the Top 10, starting with Number 4 and going in order, were Schitt’s Creek, Holidate, Criminal Minds, NCIS, The Haunting of Bly Manor, and Great British Baking Show. All of those titles were streamed on Netflix.

"Nielsen’s ranking is based on the amount of minutes consumers who have access to platforms are streaming during the week," Variety notes in its ratings reporty. "It should also be noted that streamers like Netflix and Amazon do not release their own detailed streaming numbers and these are based on Nielsen estimates. Nielsen factors in Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Disney Plus into its top 10 streaming measurements."


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The Mandalorian releases new episodes every Friday on Disney+. There are three new episodes remaining in Season 2.