King of the Hill Creator Shares Perfect Example for Social Distancing

Dang ole, tell you what man, that coronavirus is no joke. It's true, but as the people of the United States continue to get used to the idea of social distancing and remaining in their homes to prevent the spread of COVID-19 we have to find humor where we can. Celebrities have been keeping themselves and their fans entertained while maintaining their distance and King of the Hill co-creator Mike Judge contributed his own hilarious entry for people. Judge posted a photo of the four lead characters from his animated series, all standing six feet apart while practicing social distancing in the alley. Check it out below.

This funny tweet comes after exclusively got a reveal from Judge's co-creator Greg Daniels about the King of the Hill revival that wasn't, but which almost happened a few years ago.

"Well, Mike and I got together a couple of years ago, and came up with a reboot for King of the Hill," Daniels tells us. "At the time, I think that Fox didn't want to go ahead with this, at the level that it probably deserved. We thought that they would be excited to just order it."

In the time since this happened 20th Century Fox was sold entirely to The Walt Disney Company, who may not have an interest in developing an animated project that they can't sell to children and families. As a resulot Daniels suggested that the window has closed — at least for now. Luckily for those hoping to see new episodes of the series, the Emmy-winning screenwriter didn't completely rule out plans for a return sometime in the future.

"At the moment, there is no plan for it," Daniels adds. "The studio was sold to Disney now, I guess, so it would be a Disney show, I think, in the future. But we do have a plan for it and it's pretty funny. So maybe one day."


King of the Hill ran from 1996 to 2010 on FOX with a total of 259 episodes detailing the lives of the Hill family and all the other oddball characters of Arlen, Texas. Despite its popularity with fans online the series was only awarded two Primetime Emmys when it was on the air, and was only nominated for seven Emmys total.

King of the Hill is now streaming on Hulu, which fans were baffled to find was unavailable earlier.

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