Batwoman Season Finale Recap with Spoilers: Evil Wears a New Face in "O, Mouse!"

After twenty episodes, multiple new foes, and the forming of a new multiverse, Batwoman's debut season has come to a close. The new The CW series aired its Season 1 finale on Sunday night, providing the last new episode of the series until at least January 2021. Luckily, this closing episode provided fans with heart-stopping action, major character moments, and an ending that you need to see to believe. Here's everything you need to know about this week's season finale, "O, Mouse!" Spoilers for the episode below! Only look if you want to know!


One of Arkham's escapees - a football player-turned-murderer named "Titan" - boards a Gotham train and attacks a civilian. Jacob and a plain-clothed Kate try to fight him off, to no avail. Kate and Luke find the remaining shard of Kryptonite that Bruce kept in the Batcave (which he was apparently hiding for Superman), and try to decide how to destroy it before Alice can get to it. Mary arrives, and provides information about Titan and his potential whereabouts. Kate decides to investigate Titan's brother, but Mary worries about her doing so while wearing the Batsuit. Kate remains convinced that she can change Jacob and the Crows' mind about Batwoman.

Mary worries about Kate going out into the field, while Luke performs tests to try to destroy Kryptonite. Mary suggests that he use a hammer to smash it into dust. Meanwhile, Batwoman visits Titan's brother, Apollo, in Gotham's football stadium. Suddenly, Titan arrives and begins to fight Batwoman. Titan kills Apollo, and then leaves.

Jacob and The Crows arrive at the scene of Apollo's murder, and Jacob declares that Batwoman is a menace on television. Kate and Mary watch the broadcast from the Batcave, while Mary tries to tend to Kate's injuries. Mary, Luke, and Julia all suggest that she take a break to heal, but Kate argues that it's worth pursuing Titan. They realize that Titan is targeting the doctors who covered up his brain trauma while he was a football player.

Mary concocts a plan -- going to the Bat-signal and drawing out The Crows, so that Jacob will agree to talk to Batwoman over a phone. Batwoman suggests that they team up to fight Titan, but Jacob refuses. Jacob and Mary fight over whether or not to trust Batwoman - and Batwoman arrives, offering a truce to help fight Titan. Jacob reluctantly accepts it.

The Crows and Batwoman use Titan's former coach to draw Titan out to Gotham's football stadium. Sophie and Julia are surprised to find out that Batwoman and the Crows are teaming up, and rush to help Kate. While they stake out the stadium, Titan cuts off the power and begins to attack Crows members. Batwoman fights Titan, but stops midway through, reminding him that he can be more than just his trauma. He admits that he didn't want to become a monster -- just as The Crows shoot and kill him. They then decide to shoot Batwoman, but she rappels into the ceiling of the stadium and escapes, just as Julia and Sophie arrive.

Sophie confronts Jacob about what happened, but he argues that Batwoman is a menace. Sophie begins to doubt Julia - and their relationship - but Julia decides to come clean and begin to tell her about Safiyah. She reveals that Safiyah's agents have been stalking the two of them and taking photos.

Back at Wayne Tower, Mary tries to comfort Kate about what happened with The Crows. They both agree that they feel betrayed by Jacob, and Kate worries that Jacob doesn't love him anymore. Luke arrives, and reveals that he's found a way to destroy the Kryptonite -- thanks to Mary's "hammer" idea. Mary blows the dust across the room, but Kate reveals that she has a second piece of Kryptonite from what happened during "Crisis" with Supergirl. Kate asks Luke and Mary to trust her with the piece of Kryptonite, until she can talk to Kara about what to do with it.

Jacob is given a series of bullet casings from the fight with Batwoman, and realizes that he needs to find something stronger to kill her.

Meanwhile, Mouse worries that The Crows are going to find and kill him and Alice, and suggests that they leave Gotham. Alice refuses, and continues to focus on Lucius' journal. Meanwhile, Tommy grows upset about not having a proper "face", and Alice decides to go to the morgue to find one. Alice visits a geology professor, Professor Darby, to ask about Kryptonite. He reveals that the sample he'd tested was sent back to Wayne Enterprises, and she gets frustrated and bludgeons him with a rock. Alice returns to the sewers without the Kryptonite, and works on Tommy's new face, while Mouse questions if they're going to get themselves killed in the crusade against Jacob and Kate. Mouse asks Alice to leave with him, and she agrees -- as long as they do it the "right way".

Alice suggests a "trauma bond exercise" - destroying the thing that bonds them to the trauma of their past, so they can move on. To do so, they burn their copy of Alice in Wonderland, so they can move on from what happened during their days in prison. Mouse's nose begins to bleed, and Alice reveals that it's because she poisoned him, as penance for making her choose between both sides of her life. She cradles him and tells him goodbye as he dies.

Alice gives Tommy his new face, which he quickly recognizes as that of Bruce Wayne. She tells Tommy to use his new face to go to Wayne Tower and steal the Kryptonite from Kate.



Batwoman will return with new episodes in January of 2021.