Batwoman Casts Gotham Actor as Victor Zsasz

Yet another popular Gotham City villain is making their way to The CW in the second season of Batwoman. This time, it's the assassin Victor Zsasz who is set to debut in the Arrowverse, played by an actor who has already appeared in the realm of DC television. According to EW, Alex Morf has been tapped to guest star as Victor Zsasz in Season 2 of Batwoman. The official description of his take on the character says he's ″a charismatic, skilled hitman with high, unpredictable energy. He proudly carves tally marks onto his skin for every victim he kills."

Morf played a gang leader named Sykes in the final season of Gotham. The series had its own version of Victor Zsasz, played by Emmy-nominated actor Anthony Carrigan. Zsasz was played by Chris Messina in this year's Birds of Prey.

There will be a lot of changes coming to Batwoman in Season 2, mainly the star behind the cape and cowl. Rose Leslie is leaving the series and will be replaced by Javicia Leslie, who will play a different version of the character.

"When Javicia auditioned, it was obvious to everyone watching the tape in like five seconds," showrunner Caroline Dries said during the show's DC FanDome panel. "[It was] over Zoom and I texted somebody on the computer in the chat like 'Oh she gets it!' It just was so clear that Javicia was meant for this role. And then when I talked to her she said, 'You know, I feel like I am Ryan. My friend heard me audition and she was like 'Yo, you are Ryan.' It just feels like destiny, which is kind of one of the themes of the season."


"And then the other thing she did, which I didn't even see until after I knew she was Batwoman, was she had this athlete reel or athleticism reel, of all of like a montage of all of her [stunt]," Dries continued. "One of the things that she did was pushing this giant tire over, with like somersaults. And I was like, 'Oh my gosh, all I needed to do is see you.' I told her 'You had me a tire flip.' She just brings everything, sort of - intellect, emotion, heart, athletics. Everything you know you want in your hero. I think she had to do a really hard thing which is take a role for a script that didn't exist yet. And she was willing to trust us with it. So that's awesome."

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