Celebrity Jeopardy Announced by ABC, Mayim Bialik Expected to Host

ABC has announced Celebrity Jeopardy and Mayim Bialik is expected to host the show. The network rolled out a release touting the expansion along with a Celebrity Wheel of Fortune program as well. When Ken Jennings and Bialik were named co-hosts of the show after that extensive search last year, a lot of people wondered how the creative team would address the tandem. Both presenters have had their supporters. But, it seemed clear from the outset that there was a plan for Bialik to have her own spinoff to helm. While the press release does not name her as the host, connecting the dots between the two would be easy to do. ABC will deliver more information when the time comes, but it would be a big win for the former Big Bang Theory star.

"Celebrity Jeopardy!, produced by Sony Pictures Television, is an all-new game show airing this fall on ABC," they said. "This new series welcomes celebrity contestants to compete for a chance to win money for a charity of their choice."

In the past, Bialik has talked about why this Jeopardy job is so special to her. "It's a dream. It's not just like, 'Of course I want the job.' It's a special, special experience to be given this opportunity at all," the star argued. "Even for the two days that I originally did. That being said, the amount of schedule juggling which I'm currently doing right now is maddening. It takes a lot of humans and a lot of calendars and a lot of figuring out. So would I like to believe that it could have been done then? Sure. But there's also a lot of other pieces that I wasn't part of knowing about."

Bialik continued, "The only other time in my life that I've said, 'There's no better job than with this,' was when I was on The Big Bang Theory, and it was ending. People were like, 'Do you want it to end?' And I said, 'No. There's no other job that's been better than this.'"

"Our fall schedule is a testament to our strong, dynamic programming slate that we're continuing to nurture with top talent, world-class, award-winning storytellers and marquee titles," said ABC chief Craig Erwich. "By capitalizing on the success of our strongest assets, we're betting on stability while also introducing and investing in key projects that will allow us to build on our momentum as the No. 1 entertainment network for the third consecutive year."

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