Channel Zero Creator Thinks It's "Hard to Imagine" the Series Returning

This past decade has seen a number of compelling horror projects debut on the small screen, many of which rival the effectiveness of any narrative you could witness in a theater, with genre enthusiasts largely loving SYFY's Channel Zero, but creator Nick Antosca thinks it is doubtful that we'll ever get more seasons. When the series was originally announced, it was confirmed to be getting four seasons, all of which ended up debuting on the network, though the decision was made for it not to be renewed for more installments. Despite the outlook not being promising, the showrunner admits he'd happily develop more installments, even if it would have to be for a new network.

"It's hard to imagine that it'll come back. It's had a healthy second life on Shudder," Antosca shared with io9. "If they or anybody else wanted to do another season, yeah, I think I'd do it. I have a lot of ideas for seasons that were never made. I also have a lot of concepts where I was like, 'I wonder if there's a creepypasta that would serve as a good jumping-off point to tell this kind of story?' where I never found the right one. And those ideas could end up as features or seasons of a new horror anthology series."

Part of what made all of these stories so compelling is that they were inspired by creepypasta, which are stories that are copied and pasted around the internet and spread like urban legends, as each season explored a different narrative. Obviously the nature of that premise means there is nearly a limitless well of inspiration, with the anthology nature of the premise allowing a different director to spend six episodes in the unsettling world.

"I've been writing a lot during the COVID-19 production shutdown — basically five months of forced house arrest so far — so I've got a bunch of new stuff I'm excited about," Antosca added. "In the longer-distance future, I'd love to do a new horror series that takes the ideas and techniques of Channel Zero further. I'd like to keep working with the folks who made the show what it was. And of course, Don Mancini, who worked on Channel Zero, was on that Shudder panel too because we're doing Chucky now."

Antosca's next project is a TV series inspired by the Child's Play film franchise, with Chucky set to hit SYFY in 2021.


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