Charlie Cox Talks Daredevil Return in Marvel's Animated Spider-Man Series

"I'm excited about it," the Daredevil actor says of his voiceover role in Marvel Studios' Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

Charlie Cox is getting animated about his return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Marvel's Daredevil star will voice the black-suited Daredevil in Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, the new animated series from X-Men '97 producers Marvel Animation. It was announced in 2022 that Cox had signed on to reprise his role, this time in animated form, in the MCU-based Spider-Man prequel that was originally titled Spider-Man: Freshman Year when Marvel Studios revealed the project way back in 2021.

"I went into the studio and did some voiceover for that a long time ago. Years ago, during when I was shooting She-Hulk, so I think that was 2021," Cox recalled during an appearance at Fan Expo Boston 2024. "I've just seen a couple of scenes that I've voiced. And I haven't even seen the scenes, I just saw the early drawings of it. That's all I know."

"I haven't seen any of it, I have no idea what the story is, but it's cool," the actor clarified. "It's cool that [Daredevil's] in it. I'm excited about it." (Cox's Daredevil and Daredevil: Born Again co-star Vincent D'Onofrio, however, won't be reprising his role as Wilson Fisk/Kingpin due to the character's complex rights situation; unlike Daredevil, Marvel Studios shares the rights to Kingpin with Sony.)

Cox starred in the title role of Marvel's Netflix-aired Daredevil and The Defenders series between 2015 and 2018. He later made a cameo as blind attorney Matt Murdock in 2021's Spider-Man: No Way Home, and reprised the role again in the Disney+ series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and Echo. After his stint on the Spider-Man animated series, Cox will return to the MCU proper — in live-action — opposite D'Onofrio's Kingpin in Marvel Studios' Daredevil: Born Again in March 2025.

Jeff Trammel (Disney's Amphibia and The Owl House, Cartoon Network's Craig of the Creek) created and executive produces Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, which "follows Peter Parker on his way to becoming Spider-Man in the MCU, with a journey unlike we've ever seen and a style that celebrates the character's early comic book roots," per the official synopsis. 

Set during Peter Parker's freshman year of high school, the series takes place in an alternate version of the MCU before the events of Captain America: Civil War. In this multiverse remix, it's Norman Osborn — not Tony Stark of the Avengers — who mentors the 15-year-old Peter (voiced by What If...?'s Hudson Thames).

"Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is amazing, to say the least," Brad Winderbaum, the head of streaming, television, and animation for Marvel Studios, recently told ComicBook, adding the show is "very much like a cut" from the classic Stan Lee and Steve Ditko era of the comic books that ran from 1962 to 1966.

"It's Peter Parker back in high school just trying to make it work, take care of his aunt, completely broke, and having to be a superhero. It's so essentially Spider-Man," Winderbaum said. "And what Jeff Trammell did, which I think people are going to love, is he built this ensemble of characters around Peter that you fall in love with. Similarly, just because it's long-form storytelling, as those relationships brew when the stakes rise in that first season, things feel really tragic and dangerous, and pretty incredible. So, I love that show."

That cast of characters includes Kari Wahlgren (Spidey and His Amazing Friends) as Aunt May, Grace Song (Kidding) as Nico Minoru of the Runaways, Zeno Robinson (Transformers: Earth Spark) as Harry Osborn, Hugh Dancy (Law & Order) as Otto Octavius / Doctor Octopus, Eugene Byrd (Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) as a high school-aged Lonnie Lincoln (who is not yet the supervillain Tombstone), and friends Amadeus Cho, Pearl Pangan, and Jean Foucault. Along with Doc Ock, other villains who will appear in the series include Unicorn, Chameleon, Scorpion, Speed Demon, Tarantula, the Rhino, Butane, and Carmela Black. 

Marvel Studios' Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is expected to premiere later in 2024 on Disney+.