Is Chris Evans In The Falcon And The Winter Soldier?

Marvel fans are in an uproar from the news that Chris Evans is looking to return as Captain America in a future Marvel Cinematic Universe project. So far, the few details we know (at the time of writing this) state that Evans will make an appearance "in at least one Marvel property, with the door open for a second film," according to Deadline. Naturally, Marvel fans will be scrambling to guess what upcoming MCU Phase 4 project Chris Evans could make a surprise appearance in. Naturally, one of the most obvious first guesses is that Evans could show up in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Disney+ series.

The timing of this announcement that Chris Evans is returning to Marvel certainly makes The Falcon And The Winter Soldier a definite possibility. The show was supposed to premiere last fall but was greatly delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the action-movie scale of TFATWS, Marvel Studios/Disney has been investing the time and effort to make sure that the final product measures up. There's plenty of time left for a scene with Chris Evans to be added to Falcon and the Winter Soldier - and plenty of reason.

Chris Evans Captain America The Falcon Winter Soldier Cameo

Avengers: Endgame ended with the reveal that Evans' Steve Rogers/Captain America chose to remain in the 1950s after returning the Infinity Stones to their proper timelines. For time travel confusion yet to be explained, young Cap's alternate timeline life somehow still resulted in an "Old Man Steve Rogers" appearing in the present-day MCU, to pass his shield (somehow mysteriously repaired) off to old friends Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) and Sam Wilson/Falcon (Anthony Mackie). That set the stage for The Falcon And The Winter Soldier's storyline about the complicated path of succession when it comes to choosing a new Captain America; it would be fitting if one of the series' final scenes was Bucky and/or Falcon getting to show "Old Man Steve" how they look in the new Captain America costume.

That kind of cameo (as 'Old Man Steve') would be easy for Evans to pull off (well, besides the time in the makeup chair). It's low-impact on him, and still a great boost for TFATWS. It would also be a nice pallet-wetter for Evans to get back in the MCU game - and potentially score some big meta impact if Old Man Steve gets a moment to ruminate what the evolving idea of a new Captain America means for America at this moment.

...In other words, fingers crossed, Marvel fans. Let's hope we see the O.G. Captain America show up in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier when it premieres on Disney+ sometime in 2021.