Cobra Kai: Two Fan-Favorite Characters Make Surprising Returns in Season 4

At long last, Cobra Kai has returned to Netflix with its fourth season, finally showing fans the next chapter in the beloved Karate Kid story. The latest season of the series is all about the preparation for the next All-Valley Under-18 Karate Tournament, with longtime rivals Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence putting aside their differences in order to defeat John Kreese. With the tournament taking up fan attention heading into the season, Cobra Kai was able to surprise everyone by bringing back two characters who haven't been seen in quite a while.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Cobra Kai Season 4! Continue reading at your own risk...

Cobra Kai has always been good for a Karate Kid comeback or two in every season, with Terry Silver's return taking up quite a bit of time in Season 4. However, fans of the series were likely elated to see a couple of characters that originated on the show come back into the fold after missing all of Season 3. Aisha, played by Nichole Brown, and Stingray, played by Paul Walter Hauser, finally make it back on screen.

Aisha has been a fan-favorite character since the first season, but was mysteriously missing from Season 3 entirely. In Season 4, Sam goes to visit her longtime best friend in another town and we learn that her parents decided to move after the massive brawl at the school at the end of Season 2. She and Sam are still pals, but she's clearly done with the karate scene, at least for now. Aisha only appears in one scene, 

While we don't see a whole lot of Aisha in her Cobra Kai return, we do get quite a lot of time with Hauser's Stingray. In Season 2, Ray was an adult member of Cobra Kai and often treated as a joke. This time around, he starts out with a very similar role, but still wants to fit in with the other students. The teenagers like him, thanks to the prom afterparty he throws, but Kreese thinks he's a loser and refuses to let him back into Cobra Kai. Terry winds up using that to his benefit, convincing Stingray to tell the police that Kreese assaulted him, in exchange for a return to the dojo. This sets up Stingray to potentially have a massive role in Season 5, which has already wrapped filming.

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