Community Movie: Dan Harmon Drops Tease That Should Excite Fans

It's a great time to be a Community fan! The series is currently streaming on Netflix, and it was announced earlier this week that the cast of the beloved sitcom is getting back together on camera for the first time in a long time, in order to benefit charity during the pandemic. The cast of Community will join creator Dan Harmon for a virtual table read of the Season 5 episode "Cooperative Polygraphy," which is best known as one of Donald Glover's final episodes on the show. Recently, Harmon interviewed with The Wrap and hinted that the long-awaited Community movie could finally be happening.

“I can tell people for sure that the enthusiasm for Community both for all of this time and the resurgence of it [on Netflix], there’s always an aspect of that affects the marketplace. And when the marketplace gets affected, conversations happen. And when conversations happen, things happen. I mean, when you’re part of the Community family, you learn never to raise expectations, keep ‘em nice and low and then be pleasantly surprised. So I can say that there are conversations happening that people would want to be happening and that I’m very, very excited about the coming months.”

While that's not exactly a confirmation, it's certainly promising! While fans await news of a movie, we at least have the table read to look forward to. According to Variety, who first reported the details of the Community reunion, the entire core cast of the series from Season 5 will be involved. That includes Glover, who left the show halfway through that season and hasn't taken part in any of the show's events since then. Harmon will be participating along with Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Alison Brie, Yvette Nicole Brown, Jim Rash, and Ken Jeong.

As you may recall, "Cooperative Polygraphy" is a bottle episode, taking place entirely in the library at Greendale Community College after Pierce Hawthorne's (Chevy Chase) funeral. The entire study group is grilled by Pierce's estate executor, played by guest star Walton Goggins. Unfortunately, Goggins isn't available to participate in the table read with the cast. During the streamed event, fans will be asked to contribute to Jose Andres' World Central Kitchen and Frontline Foods, both of which are working hard to get meals to first responders and families in need.

The table read will be streamed on the Community YouTube page on Monday, May 18th at 2 pm PT.