Daniel Spellbound Animated Series Coming To Netflix

While HBO Max is considering bringing Harry Potter to streaming television, Netflix is concocting [...]

While HBO Max is considering bringing Harry Potter to streaming television, Netflix is concocting its own magical boy fantasy series. Netflix has announced Daniel Spellbound, a new CG-animated series about a young boy selling magical artifacts in modern-day New York City. Netflix ordered 20 22-minutes episodes of the new show, born out of a partnership between Netflix, the show's creator as well as director Matt Fernandes (Dino Ranch, Remy & Boo, Kingdom Force), who will serve as an executive producer, Industrial Brothers, and Boat Rocker Studios. Merrill Hagan (Teen Titans Go, The Magic School Bus, Danger Mouse) is the show's executive story editor.

"I wanted to create a contemporary fantasy world that reflected urban culture – not just set in a magical world, but where the magic is woven into the fabric of modern society, only hidden in plain sight," Fernandes says in a press release. "I had always been curious about how wizards actually acquired the strange ingredients for their spells. Is there a corner store that has them? And who is the guy that finds all that weird stuff? From that point, Daniel Spellbound was born."

Daniel Spellbound Netflix
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According to the synopsis, "In modern-day New York City, magic is real… it's just hidden from the public by sleight of hand and misdirection. But Daniel Spellbound knows where to find it – as a tracker of magical ingredients he makes his living selling rare goods to sorcerers and wizards for their spells. But when he discovers a strange ingredient, Daniel catches the attention of dangerous alchemists and he suddenly must test his skills on an adventure around the globe, while the magical world hangs in the balance!"

Jon Rutherford, President, Boat Rocker Studios, Kids & Family and Rights, add, "We're very excited to finally announce a project that we developed and pitched over three years ago, and couldn't be happier to be producing it with Netflix. Matt and I always envisioned this story would inspire kids and families around the world and it's incredible to now see these magical worlds come to life. We look forward to unveiling this show to the world in 2022."

The series is part of Netflix's growing library of kids programming, as streamers continue to war for young viewers' attention. Other upcoming series include Kid Cosmic from Powerpuff Girls creator Craig McCracken, Arlo the Alligator Boy from Ryan Crego, City of Ghosts from Elizabeth Ito, Centaurworld from Megan Nicole Dong, and the limited event series Maya and the Three from Jorge Gutierrez.

Daniel Spellbound debuts in 2022.