Daredevil's Charlie Cox Just Started Binging Game of Thrones, Here's Who He Thinks Wins

Quarantine has given people all sorts of time to catch up on the various shows, films, books, and to-do lists they've fallen behind on. When it comes to Daredevil star Charlie Cox, that means watching Game of Thrones in one fell swoop nearly a year after the hit HBO show finished its record-setting run on the cable network. Even though we were chatting with the star about the ComicBook.com Daredevil Quarantine Watch Party at the time, we had to veer into Game of Thrones territory once the topic surfaced.

"Funny enough, I've never, we've got some friends staying with us," Cox tells us of his quarantine situation. "We live outside of the city, we're in Connecticut. We have some friends staying with us, and none of us had ever seen Game of Thrones, any of it. So, we are methodically working our way through Game of Thrones. Tonight is the season two finale."

That means the former Marvel star has six seasons left to go. As he puts it, he's just grateful to spend his self-isolation while watching "one of the great shows ever made."

"We're right at the beginning. But, it's been great," the actor adds. "I really, really enjoyed it. I don't why it's taken me so long to kind of get to it. But, I feel very grateful that I've got this, one of the greatest shows ever made, that I've never seen, and I get to watch it, you know, during the isolation period."

As for who ends up on the Iron Throne, the Daredevil alumnus shares the same mindset many did at the time. "At the moment, I guess I'm kind of hoping Khaleesi," Cox predicts of the victor. "I just don't know how much longer I can stomach Joffrey. I mean, brilliant, you know, brilliant acting. Just, he's rotten, isn't he?"


As you know by now, it's Bran the Broken that ends up on the Iron Throne in a divisive finale panned by the fans and critics alike. As for Joffrey and Stannis? Well, they both end up dead — like hundreds of others on the show. But don't tell Cox that.

All three seasons of Daredevil are now streaming on Netflix while the entire Game of Thrones series will be on HBO Max when it launches later this month.