DC's Titans Reveals Starfire's New Season 3 Costume

DC's Titans has revealed a new season 3 costume for Ana Diop's Starfire, via the HBO Max Twitter account. The costume is by Larua Jean Shannon with concept art by Gina Dedemenico, and it depicts Koriand'r/Starfire in much more regal and alien-looking armor from her homeworld of Tamaran. It's a nice step up for Titans in terms of production (now that the series is getting a much bigger shot on HBO Max); it's also a great step-up for DC Comics fans who want more comics-accurate looks for Titans version of Starfire. Finally, it's a step-up for Starfire, who has been one of the controversial comic characters when it comes to wardrobe...

Best we can gather, this look seems most inspired by Starfire's look from Justice League Odyssey, which debuted in 2018. You can tell by the sheer amount of skin that the armored suit covers - an unusual departure for Starfire. As stated, the character has a long and infamous history in DC Comics, due to the (over)sexualized nature of her look, for years on end. Not surprisingly, modern audiences have called for Starfire to be updated into something other than a sexpot character - but that process is still ongoing. Depending on the book (see: Red Hood and the Outlaws) Starfire's look still leaves little to the imagination.

Ana Diop has overcome the early backlash to her casting to really put a stamp on her version of Koriand'r in Titans. She's become a fan-favorite for her badass swagger (with a soft nurturing core), and her fashion sense, as well. Well, Diop will probably score a win in both columns with this new costume.

Titans season 3 has big things in store for Starfire. "We're planning a big season for Kory this year," Titans EP Gry Walker said in an interview. "The arrival of her sister/nemesis Blackfire launches Kory down a path where she uncovers both secrets about her past and clues to her destiny... all of which will lead to her true calling as Starfire. Plus, we have a few other surprises in store for hardcore Starfire fans this season."


In addition, season 3 will see Curran Walters' Jason Todd become Red Hood and Barbara Gordon/Batgirl's debut on the show.

Season 3 of Titans does not yet have a release date on HBO Max.