Michael C. Hall Wants Dexter Revival to Make Up for Unsatisfying Series Finale

Like the millions of others who turned into the original series finale of Dexter, series star [...]

Like the millions of others who turned into the original series finale of Dexter, series star Michael C. Hall is hoping the upcoming continuation can right some of the wrongs of what he calls an "unsatisfying" finale. The Dexter finale often finds itself amongst the likes of Lost, Seinfeld, and now Game of Thrones in discussions of the most hated finales to grace television sets, and Hall hopes the team behind the revival has a story in place that deserves to be told.

"It's a conversation that's been ongoing, and different possibilities have emerged over the years," the actor told The Daily Beast of his choice to return for the limited series. "I think in this case, the story that's being told is worth telling in a way that other proposals didn't, and I think enough time has passed where it's become intriguing in a way that it wasn't before."

He added, "And let's be real: people found the way that show left things pretty unsatisfying, and there's always been a hope that a story would emerge that would be worth telling. I include myself in the group of people that wondered, 'What the hell happened to that guy?' So I'm excited to step back into it. I've never had that experience of playing a character this many years on."

With little fanfare, the finale involves the death of Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) due to complications from a gunshot wound. Dexter (Hall) subsequently takes her body and dumps it into the ocean, before driving his boat straight into a storm. Presumed dead, a post-credits scene reveals the eponymous character, in fact, survived, and currently lives as a logger.

"A criticism that speaks to someone's experience is warranted. I certainly thought it was justifiable for Dexter to do what he did," Hall added of his character. ". I think some of the criticisms were about that, and some of the criticisms weren't so much about the 'what' as they were about the 'how,' and those were valid too. We certainly do live in an era where the bar is very high as far as the simultaneous surprise, satisfaction, and closure that should go along with a series finale."

Production on the next batch of Dexter episodes is expected to begin this month. The show's first eight seasons are currently streaming on Netflix.