Disney+ Censors Cleavage From Episode of Old Disney Channel Series

Disney+ is all about family-friendly content, so much so \ the platform is going to painstaking [...]

Disney+ is all about family-friendly content, so much so \ the platform is going to painstaking lengths to correct content which it feels might be a little too racy. First, it was adding some hair extensions to cover up a mermaid's hindquarters in Splash. Now, as one tweeter has pointed out, the platform has blurred out another actor's chest on a Disney series the service carries. As @lovelychubly points out, there's an instance in an episode of Wizards of Waverly Place where Maria Canals-Barrera wears a purple v-neck shirt. While the shirt isn't revealing the way it is, Disney+ added a blur to cover whatever subtle cleavage showed in the original cut of the episode.

As Twitter users pointed out shortly thereafter, the blur draws more attention to the situation that the previous iteration. Not only the blur itself, but many users pointed out the haphazard editing.

"I had to wipe my screen because I thought it was smeared and was making their editing job look worse than it actually was," @disneydolewhip tweets. "Nope, it's just a terrible job."

@TravelingingShinto adds, "This REALLY draws the eye to the so-called "offensive area. They should have just left things alone. Completely insane. Think they need to dial back on their Political Correctness pills a little."

Shortly after Disney removed the "nudity" from Splash, which amounted to placing VFX hair over just the tiniest bit of exposed buttocks, the Parents Television Council released a statement commending Disney for leaping into action.

"Disney+ has a distinctive advantage over other streaming services in that its business model was designed to be family-friendly," PTC president Tim Winter said in a statement. "We are grateful to Disney+ for wisely ensuring that nudity in the original film, Splash, was edited. Making those edits does not make the film unrecognizable or unwatchable. Instead, the edits serve to ensure that children who may watch the film aren't confronted by nudity, and ultimately this makes Disney+ a trustworthy streamer for families."

"As Disney+ continues to add new content, we want to encourage the company to keep its commitment to families to provide a safe, family-friendly environment – something that is even more crucial as children are spending more time with digital media during quarantine," Winter's statement continues. "While the company has promised not to include R-rated content, we ask Disney to go a step further to protect children by adding parental controls and content filtering options. These two steps would make Disney+ even better for families."