Disney+ Releases Rogue Trip Trailer

Disney+ has already put out quite a lot of original content in its first year, from buzzworthy shows like The Mandalorian and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, to heartwarming content like Lady and the Tramp and Stargirl. The streaming service has also begun to put out quite a lot of documentary and travel series -- and we have our first look at the latest one. On Thursday, Disney+ released a teaser trailer for National Geographic's Rogue Trip, a six-part documentary series starring ABC News Correspondent Bob Woodruff.

Rogue Trip, led by Woodruff and his 28-year-old son Mack Woodruff, takes viewers on a father-son adventure to some of the world's most unexpected places – roguish nations and territories mostly known for conflict, but each possessing a unique power to surprise, amaze and inspire. They'll visit Colombia, Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Lebanon, and Ukraine.

Rogue Trip is a story about second chances and the undying bond between a father and son. As a former war correspondent who was severely injured by a roadside bomb while reporting in Iraq in 2006, Bob Woodruff did not want his kids to grow up fearful just because of what happened to him. Bob has seen, and lived, through the worst of what these places have to offer, and now he and Mack explore the best in them. Along the journey, viewers will share the raw, big-hearted moments when 'going rogue' together changes the Woodruffs' perspective – not just in other people and places, but in their own relationship.

"I couldn't be more excited to share this series with viewers around the world," Bob Woodruff said in a statement. "This is an adventure of a lifetime to be with Mack discovering together how every place on the planet has the power to surprise, amaze and inspire, despite its past."

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All six episodes of National Geographic's Rogue Trip will be available to stream on Disney+ beginning July 24th.