Falcon and the Winter Soldier's Best Fight Scene Came Together at the Last Minute

Marvel's The Falcon and The Winter Solider featured some slick fight sequences, though one of the best fights in the entire season is the fight to reclaim Captain America's iconic shield from John Walker. That sequence features Sam and Bucky in a thrilling sequence that marks a major turning point in Sam's journey, so you might expect it to have been one of the more analyzed sequences ahead of time, but it actually ended up being completed mostly on the fly according to Cinematographer P.J. Dillon, who revealed there were some location issues that led to them having to adapt quickly.

"That was funny because of various location problems in Atlanta that we had," Dillon told IndieWire. "We found the [warehouse] location for that sequence only a couple of days before we shot it. So it wasn't as well prepped, but the stunt team had to find the moves and clearly define the fight choreography and how we made that fit into the space. We actually figured it out as we went along."

They also capitalized on one of the building's unexpected features, as one side allowed some of the sunlight to come in, and it made the scene that much better.

"I knew there was always the potential for those shafts of sunlight to come through from that side of the building at a certain time of day," Dillon said. "But there was no guarantee that you'd actually get the sun." When they realized that it was coming through, they pounced, and the light was the perfect accent to Sam picking up the Shield. "Luckily, we got this magical shaft of light coming into space. We immediately dropped everything and put the characters into it and filled it with smoke."

Throughout the show it probably surprised people that Bucky wasn't using as many guns and knives throughout the show. That was a conscious shift according to Sebastian Stan's stunt man John Nania, who posted some behind the scenes photos on Instagram and revealed that the lack of weapons was part of Bucky's heroic journey. That said, when he did bring out the knives, it shined all the brighter.


"You may have noticed during the season of #thefalconandthewintersoldier Bucky didn't use guns and knives as much as you might have expected. This was a conscious decision to help show Bucky's journey away from being just a killer. So when @davemacomber came to me with this idea for a knife fight, I instantly loved it. We referred to this fight as "you can't dethrone the king" If you take note Bucky uses the back unsharp side of the tanto in a defensive manor while he traps and parries, even throwing the knife next to Diego's head as a statement 'don't make me cross that line.'

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is available now on Disney+.