"Who the Hell Is That?" Grace and Morgan Meet a Stranger in Fear the Walking Dead Teaser

"Who the hell is that?" asks Grace (Karen David) of a hazmat-suited stranger stepping out into the nuclear zombie apocalypse in Fear the Walking Dead Season 7. In the fallout of the ten warheads that Teddy Maddox (John Glover) detonated throughout Texas to end Season 6, Grace and Morgan (Lennie James) hunker down in the hull of a beached submarine with their adopted daughter: Baby Mo. But when a search for food means making a road trip into a radioactive wasteland, Morgan and Grace come across desperate and dangerous survivors who want what they have. 

"As Morgan, Grace, and Mo struggle to adapt to life on the submarine, a food shortage forces them to face the nuclear fallout outside the sub," reads the official network synopsis for Season 7 Episode 2, "Six Hours," premiering October 17 on AMC+ and October 24 on AMC. Watch the new promo above. 

"The loss of Athena — we will find out the effect that that loss has had on Morgan. I only say that because I think it's going to manifest itself in unusual and unexpected ways," James previously told AMC.com of Grace's stillborn baby girl who succumbed to radiation poisoning last season. "I think it's going to affect the choices he makes. I think it's going to affect the actions that he takes. I think it's profound for him because, obviously, the loss of a child would be. I think it brings back memories of the previous child that he lost and I think it kind of compounds it."

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People and walkers aren't the only dangers in this second round of the apocalypse: those who escaped the bomb blasts must survive in an environment of irradiated air and other hazards.

The Fear survivors this season are "going to have to deal with the devastation, nuclear fallout, ash, unbreathable air, destroyed structures, limited resources... all these new environmental factors that are going to make survival just exponentially more difficult for them," co-showrunner Ian Goldberg previously revealed on Talking Dead. "This new world is going to bring out very different sides to all of these characters because they are in a whole new reality — and a very scary one." 

Goldberg added: "The nuclear apocalypse will also bring out a new element of human adversary, and some also really cool-designed garb accouterment to reflect this new reality. There's going to be a lot of gas masks in Season 7, as you can probably guess."

Fear the Walking Dead returns with new episodes October 17 on AMC. The Season 7 premiere, "The Beacon," is now streaming early on AMC+

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